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Chicken, Main Dish, Thai
1cancoconut milk
1tspThai curry paste
1tbspfish sauce
2tspchicken stock
1lbchicken, cubed
4kaffir leaves
bamboo shoots
cherry or grape tomatoes
other vegetables to your hearts content
Directions Heat saucepan and add coconut milk, stir fry with curry. Add fish sauce, stock, chicken, kaffir, bamboo shoots, tomatoes, etc. and cook on med heat until done.

4 servings

  • Thai curry paste is a necessary ingredient if you really want it to taste right. You can find it at an Asian market. Feel free to play with the quantity.
    [talyn - 2007-03-14 23:57:16]

Yummy coconut milk curry


Mar 14, 2007

Oct 24, 2007

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