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Belgian, Breakfast
cupwarm milk or water
1packet vanilla sugar (10g; opt.)
cupbutter, melted
1cupsugar pearls (200g)
  1. Prepare the dough with all the ingredients except the butter and sugar pearls. Let it rise 30 minutes.
  2. Work the dough little by little adding the butter. Add the sugar pearls.
  3. Make little balls about the size of a tennis ball; let rise 15 minutes.
  4. Cook them about 3-4 min in a Belgian waffle iron.

4 servings

  • Eat with fresh fruit, melted chocolate, etc. but not syrup! Also, since these are more substantial, they are much more filling than your average waffle.
    [kevin - 2013-03-13 08:41:47]
  • About the sugar pearls - these are not really available outside of Belgium, but you can try breaking up sugar cubes...
    [kevin - 2013-03-13 08:41:50]

Dense, slightly chewy & filled with sugar pearls...just like they are in Belgium


Feb 16, 2009

Feb 22, 2009

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