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baking soda
1tbspsoy sauce
medium onion, cut in wedges
2clovesgarlic, chopped
1cupchicken broth
2tbspcornstarch mixed with some water
  1. Cut the beef in thin slices. Cover with baking soda and let sit for 5-10 min. Rinse throughly in cold water; add soy sauce, salt & pepper and let marinate for 5-10 min. Wash and cut the broccoli in pieces. For the stem, peel off the thick skin and slice diagonally.
  2. Bring water in a pot to a boil; place noodles inside and remove in about half a minute (make sure the noodles don't become soft). Strain. Heat oil in a wok; add the noodles and cook until slightly crispy, only turning the mixture once. Place noodles in a serving dish.
  3. Heat oil in a wok and add onion and garlic; add beef shortly after. Remove when beef is still slightly pink (will continue to cook even after being removed from the heat) and place in another dish (not with the noodles). Heat a little more oil and add the broccoli. Stir-fry for about half a minute, then add some water; cover and cook until soft.
  4. Recombine the cornstarch mixture. Add soup stock to the broccoli, bring to a boil and gradually add cornstarch mixture until thickened. Add beef mixture, stir to combine, then pour over noodles.

4 servings


Tony Wong

Oct 21, 2014

Oct 21, 2014

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