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Curry-Scented Butternut Squash Soup Main Dish, Side Dish - I made this for the in-laws and it got rave reviews.Carolyn Plocher
Beef Stew Beef, Main Dish - A fast, easy and healthy comfort food.Carolyn Plocher
Onion Cream Soup Main Dish - When you have no time and barely anything in the cupboards, this is a good bet.Carolyn Plocher
Mitt Romney's Carrot Soup Vegetarian, Main Dish - My sister-in-law is in the Romney's ward and this is their carrot soup reci...Carolyn Plocher
Curry Peanut Soup Seafood, Main Dish - A soup that's good and good for you.Carolyn Plocher
Roasted Tomato Soup Main Dish - Straight off the Food Network. Easy and delicious - trumps Campbell's any day.Carolyn Plocher
Noelle's Coconut Soup Chicken, Thai, Main Dish - Throw everything into a crockpot and - wala! Scrumptiousness.Carolyn Plocher
The Best Creamy Sweet Potato Soup Main Dish - Technically, it's yam soup but "sweet potato" sounds better. So eas...Carolyn Plocher
Cantonese Corn Soup Chinese - A typical soup that is tasty yet simplekevin
Split Pea Soup - Favorite homemade hearty soupmvdkwong
Mulligatawny Soup Indian - An exotic soup inspired by the Tamils of southern Indiamvdkwong
Minestrone Vegetarian - A vegetarian dish that even satisfies meat-loverskevin
Borscht - A simple yet flavorful soup that is beautiful in colorkevin
Hot & Sour Soup Chinese - This version is so much better than the stuff you get at the restaurantkevin
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