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Pita Bread, Middle-Eastern - More flatbread, Talyn?talyn
Moist Whole Wheat Banana Bread Dessert, Bread, Breakfast, Caketalyn
Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas Bread, Fijian, Mexican, Indian - Possibly my kids' favorite foodtalyn
Whole-Wheat Muffins Bread, Breakfasttalyn
Caprese Sandwich Main Dish, Breakfast - When you want to take a mini-vacation in your mouthCarolyn Plocher
Jill's Mom's SouthWestern Salsa Appetizer, American, Mexican - Chunky to the max. With avocado!talyn
Hearty Blueberry Muffins Breakfast - Moist and flavorful with a great texture.Carolyn Plocher
The Strege's Dairy Delicious Dip Appetizer, Sauce/Dressing - Per request of Talyn. We practically lived off this at Nelly parties...Carolyn Plocher
Flour Tortillas Bread, Easter, Mexican, Side Dishtalyn
Banana Crumb Muffins Breakfast - fluffy... can a muffin be fluffy?justbreck
Waddie's Quick & Sticky Corn Dessert - Eat it while watching America's Funniest Home Videosmarklick
Scotcharoos Dessert, Cookie - Peanut-buttery, chewy, chocolate-y goodnesstalyn
Peanut Butter Squares Dessert - delectable, addictive, fast, and easytalyn
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