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Seven Day Coleslaw - A flavourful vinegar-based coleslawkevin
Black Bean Salad Appetizer, Vegetarian, Main Dish, Non-Dairytalyn
Citrus Steak Salad Beef, Main Dish, Side Dish - Sweet with a little bite to itCarolyn Plocher
Bashar's Fatoosh Middle-Eastern, Vegetarian - Middle Eastern Saladtalyn
Caesar Salad with Baby Romaine Side Dish - The homemade croutons and dressing set this apart.Carolyn Plocher
Steak Salad with Snap Peas Beef, Main Dish - Simple but classyCarolyn Plocher
Mick's Golden Chicken Stew Chicken, Main Dishmarklick
Tahini Squash Salad Vegetarian - The best way I have eaten squash in my entire life.talyn
Fruit Pudding - More like a fruit salad than a pudding, this simple concoction is surprisingly tastykevin
Broccoli Salad Americanmvdkwong
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