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Best Brownies kevin
Flourless Chocolate Torte - If you love dark chocolate, you will be in heaven...kevin
Fresh Peach Pie - Fresh unbaked peaches with a glaze made of peach pureekevin
Apple Pie Bars - Soft delectable squares overflowing with apple-y goodnesskevin
CrÍpes Main Dish, Breakfast, French - Simple, versatile, & definitely Frenchkevin
Fresh Peach Pie - peaches left uncooked, just as it should be.talyn
Moist Whole Wheat Banana Bread Bread, Breakfast, Snack, Caketalyn
Agar Agar Chinese, Vegetarian - A sweet, almond-flavored, gelatin-like dessertkevin
Baklava Middle-Eastern - Moroccan style, made with almondskevin
Tropical Fruit Bars - A juicy dessert bar overflowing with pineapple & coconutkevin
Chocolate Pecan Pinwheels Cookie - These are a dangerously addicting French goodie.Carolyn Plocher
Classic Snickerdoodles Cookie - Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside - yum!Carolyn Plocher
Donut Muffins Bread, Breakfast - Something quick and yummy for dessert - or breakfast!Carolyn Plocher
Mouthwatering Sticky Buns (Cinnamon Rolls) Bread, Breakfast - This recipe is work but I've never tasted cinnamon rolls l...Carolyn Plocher
Todd's Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies Cookie - I've never gone wrong with these.Carolyn Plocher
Hot fudge Sauce/Dressing - Better than Mrs. Richardson'stalyn
Chocolate cake donuts American, Breakfast, Cake - Photo and recipe from Smitten Kitchentalyn
Talyn's new favorite chocolate cookies Cookie - good for pretending your ice cream is cookies and creamtalyn
Cheesecake Thanksgiving - Kevin can eat this without any problemstalyn
Apple Pie - As Canadian as apple pie...kevin
Peanut Butter Squares Cookietalyn
Zucchini Bread Bread, Cake - ultra moist and filled with fruits and veggiestalyn
Dow Foo Fa Chinese - A traditional Chinese dessertkevin
Chocolate Mousse Belgian - Authentic Belgian chocolate moussekevin
Pecan Milk Cake Cake - (Milk as in a substitute for coffee)talyn
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