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Szechuan-Style Braised Shrimp Seafood - Also known as chili or spicy shrimpkevin
Flaky Green Onion Crepe Appetizerkevin
Chow Mein kevin
Pearl Balls Pork, Main Dish - Chinese meatballs enveloped with glutinous ricekevin
Agar Agar Dessert, Vegetarian - A sweet, almond-flavored, gelatin-like dessertkevin
Honey Walnut Shrimp Seafood - Lightly battered and glazed with a semi-sweet sauce, contrasted by sugared walnut...kevin
Ha gow (Shrimp Dumplings) Seafood, Main Dish - The staple of dim sum.kevin
Wonton Pork, Main Dish - Classic bonnet-shaped meat-filled dumplingkevin
Lo Mai Gai Chicken - Sticky rice with flavourful chicken & Chinese mushroomskevin
Cantonese Corn Soup Soup - A typical soup that is tasty yet simplekevin
Dow Foo Fa Dessert - A traditional Chinese dessertkevin
Soy Milk Drink - Authentic Chinese-style soy milk - not the Americanized stuffkevin
Patties Pork - I called them "chocolate chip cookies"kevin
Nine Layer Pudding Dessert - A traditional Chinese dessertkevin
Steamed Buns Bread, Breakfast - White steamed buns that can be filled with cha siu (roast pork), red bean paste, etc.kevin
Custard Breakfast - A simple yet tasty custardkevin
Candied Apple Fritters Dessert - Fried apples with a carmal sauce. Well known in Beijing area.mikeandchelsey
Hot & Sour Soup Soup - This version is so much better than the stuff you get at the restaurantkevin
Dungeness Wok-fried Crab Seafood, Main Dish - A tasty way to eat crabkevin
Doong Goo Chicken Chickenkevin
Spring Rolls Appetizer - Pretty much everyone's favoritekevin
Dumplings & Potstickers (Gow Tzee) Appetizer - These dumplings can be made into potstickers by simply pan-frying ...kevin
Curry squid Seafood - A simple yet surprisingly delicious appetizer, best served coldkevin
Lo Bok Go (White Turnip Pudding Cake) Appetizer - A traditional Chinese savory "pudding cake" - not really cake, ...kevin
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