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Flaky Green Onion Crepe Chinesekevin
Cilantro Chutney Sauce/Dressing, Indiantalyn
Black Bean Salad Salad, Vegetarian, Main Dish, Non-Dairytalyn
Jill's Mom's SouthWestern Salsa American, Snack, Mexican - Chunky to the max. With avocado!talyn
Cheyenne's Cranberry Dip Christmas, Vegetarian - A delicious way to eat a crackertalyn
Little Peasants Pork - Don't knock these until you try them - seriously, you'll be amazed.Carolyn Plocher
The Strege's Dairy Delicious Dip Snack, Sauce/Dressing - Per request of Talyn. We practically lived off this at Nelly parties...Carolyn Plocher
Crab Cakes Seafoodkevin
Sundried Tomato dip - A dip made of cream cheese & mayonnaise, this is Kevin friendlykevin
Bacon Wrapped Barbeque Shrimp Seafood, Main Dishtalyn
Spring Rolls Chinese - Pretty much everyone's favoritekevin
Dumplings & Potstickers (Gow Tzee) Chinese - These dumplings can be made into potstickers by simply pan-frying ...kevin
Platanos Maduros - Ripe plaintains are very sweet, and complement la Fritanga very wellkevin
Tostones - Green plantains contain a lot of starch, making this traditional Central American dish taste...kevin
Hummus Middle-Eastern - A Middle-Eastern favorite - best served with pita breadkevin
Lo Bok Go (White Turnip Pudding Cake) Chinese - A traditional Chinese savory "pudding cake" - not really cake, ...kevin
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