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At the Laie Hawaii temple

Talyn?s heart pulls her in many different directions. First and foremost she is a nurturer. She helps support human beings, especially of the child variety, in their growth. (Now doesn?t that sound better than being a ?housewife? or a ?stay at home mom??) She finds great joy, purpose, growth, and frustration in this, her chosen full time work. She spends her days reading to and with children, teaching them to create and maintain a clean and happy family atmosphere, creating nourishing and delicious meals, listening, striving to understand, celebrating, encouraging, disciplining, and exploring. Nice work if you can get it. She?s glad Kevin helped her get it. And helps her do it.

Belly dancing with Alena

The rest of Talyn is a jumble of interests and desires with no seeming rhyme or reason. Baking bread, learning ASL, ethnic dance, ethnic food, yoga, running, teaching, reading, yodeling, gardening, speaking Spanish, making friends, hula hooping, thrift shopping, swimming, studying the Gospel, and singing is only a brief survey of the things she does, aspires to do, wished she had time to try doing, or plans on doing more often when she stops drowning in little children. As you can imagine ?master of none? applies here. Talyn is immensely grateful that she has an eternity to develop these and other talents (oras in the case of ethnic dance, lack of talent but immense interest and enjoyment).

I taught fourth grade last year. I taught at a fabulous school and learned heaps. I’m not a huge fan of the science and social studies portions of the curriculum in fourth grade (dirt, Utah ecosystems, and Utah history) but I really enjoyed the age group. My personality fit in the fourth grade. This year I’m teaching sixth grade, which has a fabulous curriculum (astronomy, light, sound, and world history) but the age group brings with it some challenges. Growing up is hard to do, and I’m not sure I’m built to help people do it. It seems that a lot more of it happens in sixth grade than in fourth. However, I am one of those people made to be a teacher. I know no other career would make me as happy as teaching does, even when I come home wishing it were summer. Yes, that happens to me just like it happens to every other teacher, and every student for that matter. The joys outweigh the difficulties, and I’m positive I made the right career choice.

Talyn in Marseille, France

Talyn?s fondest dream is that all of her favorite friends and family who are currently scattered across the world would come live on a cul-de-sac with her. A cul-de-sac within walking distance of a major body of water.

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