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At only 3 years old, this little boy carries a lot of genealogical responsibility. The surname Reasor is not very common in the first place, and from all that we know, none of Talyn's family will carry on the family name. Therefore Reasor takes on the responsibility. On Kevin's side, Reasor is so far the only grandchild, so he must carry on the (no-so-) dying Wong surname.

Who doesn't love snow?

Reasor is a little ball of energy. He loves to run, jump and make sound effects while doing various other things (no, not that kind of sound effects). He thrives in the outdoors where he can do all of this without making his parents crazy, so the back/front yard and parks are perfect for him. And nothing calms him down better than reading stories and cuddling with his mommy & daddy.

He no longer takes naps, but he is probably the most cheerful member of our family in the morning. He loves peeking into our room and seeing us awake, and asks for us to get him some "lunch." (aka. breakfast) Reasor must be his father's son, because he never stops eating.

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