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Looking at Daddy

I am a Canadian-born US citizen of Chinese descent. A father of 3 beautiful children, I have many interests and hobbies that compete for my time. Some of my hobbies include playing the piano, sports, cooking, eating, and learning something new. If only there were more than 24 hours in a day!

Perhaps my most defining hobby is playing the piano. Although I don't have the time I once had to dedicate to playing, I am grateful for the skills I learned and the constant encouragement from my parents. I am a strong advocate that playing the piano beautifully is even more important than playing the correct notes, and that there is more to music than what is written on the staff. Like many other things in life, I didn't realize this when I was first taught these principles, but it has come with the passage of time. I hope to be able to pass this to my children and those around me.

Good, authentic Chinese food

If there's one thing that I love about the Chinese culture, it's the food. I love to eat delicious foods and then learn how to make it so I can eat it more often. It's not uncommon that you'll see me volunteering to cook for a friend, just to be able to spread the palette-friendly aspects of my culture. Yet I am just as eager to learn about the foods from other parts of the world, and I love how you can get to know other cultures through their food. How I'm grateful that food is not just fuel, but a way of life.

Playing at the beach

There's nothing more satisfying to me than acquiring a new skill. Whether it's building a brick barbecue, rewiring the garage, tiling a shower, installing a sprinkler system, or doing body work on my car, I love to learn and I love to accomplish things. But as I become older and (hopefully) wiser, I am slowly realizing the importance of setting aside time to devote to my family and my God. Some skills and characteristics cannot be acquired over the course of a week or even a year, and sometimes, we may not even see the fruits of our labors in this life. I'm learning that blessings and rewards aren't always tangible, yet through perseverance, I can become a better person and hopefully help those around me be better people as well.

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